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Our GOAL Is Simple

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 After racing motocross for most of her life, April got her first mountain bike in 2018. After two years of casually riding, she started to get really passionate about the sport in early 2020. She decided that she wanted to become a safer, faster, and more skilled rider. The only issue is that she wasn't sure how to progress her riding in a calculated way.


One day she came to me with a really cool idea. What if we started helping her progress, and made free videos to share the experience with people?


Through my experience as a professional Enduro racer for 10 years, I had learned a lot of things I wanted to share with her. We decided to start back at the fundamentals to build a strong technique, and then work through new skills as she progressed. The whole process was to be edited and uploaded to YouTube for people to enjoy.  


The initial response completely caught us off guard! We seriously couldn't believe it. People started to find the foundational videos and they were having huge improvements in their riding!


This is where the idea for Ride MTB came about. We thought "what if we created a high quality hub with all of these resources for free?" . We could interact directly with people, compile more resources for them, and maybe even bring on some people eventually to help share the message further.


We just want to help people from all walks of life fall in love with the sport and have access to this positive mental & emotional outlet. It started out with our YouTube Channel Kyle & April - Ride Mtb , and then our Ride Mtb Podcast, who knows where the future will take it! 

Thanks for being a part of the crew

Sincerely, Kyle & April

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