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Hey Everyone! Giveaway Details Below: *Read Carefully


We are super excited to announce this giveaway for you guys! Thank you so much for helping us cross over the 100k Subscriber mark. We never thought that would be possible. We owe you all for making this channel a success and that is why we partnered with some of our sponsors to giveaway some awesome prizes for you guys!


What are we giving away-

. Eligible for All subscribers, We are giving away a Niner Air 9 RDO Frame valued at $2000 dollars!


. Eligible for Canada & USA subscribers only, We are giving away a Skydio 2 Drone & a sports package valued at $2000 dollars! (Skydio isn't certified to be sold in other countries at the moment which is why we split the prizes)


. And everyone who enters will be eligible to win (1 of 4) $100 dollar gift cards from


How to Enter - *Important 

To help us sort who lives in each area easier we will be using the (Stars) on the entry page.


. If you live internationally fill out the form and submit the form with ( 5 stars highlighted )


. If you live in Canada or the USA fill out the form and submit the form with ( 3 stars highlighted ) The different star ratings will really help us sort through the entries quicker via email so please pay attention to that!


. We will take all of the 3 & 5 star entries and do a random generator to select the Niner Winner


. We will take all the 3 star North America entries and do a random generator to select the Skydio Winner


. All of the 3 star and 5 star entries will be pooled together, and we will use a random generator to select the four Performance Bike $100 gift card winners.


You will only be allowed one entry per person!


The Winners will be pulled out from the generator each time. Winners will be announced via livestream Sunday August 23rd. You do not need to be present to win!


Thank you all for being a part of our crew! This has been such a cool journey and we promise to keep doing fun stuff like this for you guys! Sincerely, Kyle & April


*At the request of the company, a lot of people, and to make it less confusing we decided to add the Niner as eligible to all Subscriber entries! Good luck everyone :)

Giveaway Contest Entry 
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Thanks for submitting!

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