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As I get older I find less desire to race/compete, especially in the women’s category. I would much rather focus on seeing other women as friends I can do activities with rather than competition. I feel this way because I am such a competitive person and I let that part of me consume too much of my life, I am trying to find the balance to chill that part of me down more. That being said I am enjoying focusing on celebrating how awesome other girls are and that I can be awesome too. #womenempowerment#womensupportingwomen

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Karl van der Linde
Karl van der Linde
Jan 10, 2021

Hi Kyle and April.

I'm riding a 22" frame Fuji Utah 2006 hardtail with 26 tyres. I have the bike since new and can't let it go. There's just that something in that frame that makes me enjoy this bike. The frame is just right for my 6'2" height. I have a question. I have done a trail recently and the trail have very sharp and fast turns. Firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Karl, 39 years old and I'm from Cape Town in South Africa. So in the second turn I felt like I overshoot the turn and ended up in the bushes. As you can imagine the bike I'm riding is as plain and standard as…


Hi Kyle and April! im your fan from Sydney! Safe Ride buddies.

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