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Meet The Team


April Zastrow

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Just a girl who loves to ride!

My passion started with MX when I was 12. I then started racing WMX pro when I was 15 and did about 7 seasons before retiring. I still ride some moto, but now I enjoy spreading more of my time exploring other activities.

I started riding MTB with Kyle and although I have some cross over skills, there are a lot of differences to learn on a bicycle. I am excited to grow my skills and share my progress with you guys!


Kyle Warner

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Mountain bikes have helped me build a life that i could never have imagined as a kid. 

Growing up as a broke kid, with a single mother I never even had dreams of traveling, meeting successful people, or finding an amazing girl to share my experiences with. Life was a struggle mentally and emotionally for a long time and my main focus was to just keep my head above water and help my mom get through her depression. 


It was at age 16 that I got my first mountain bike and the entire world opened up. When a local group of riders saw my passion and took me under their wing the start of my journey began. I got to take my first trip out of state, meet pro riders, compete against other people and build my confidence. It was the first time I really saw myself have a "goal" in life. 

When I was 20 I took a chance, quit my job, went racing, and never looked back. I was able to win the North American Enduro Championship in 2014, 2015, and 2016, Build a free public pump track for the kids in my hometown of Chico, Ca and even meet April by following the path that bikes opened up. 

My hope in building this resource with April is to give those other kids in my situation a chance to find their own key to life's many doors. I want them to have an opportunity to know what it means to feel happy, confident, and proud. We all have our struggles in life but navigating them with a bike in hand is a lot easier. 

Favorite YouTube Comments

Aerial Forest

Kyle & April, Thank you for your great videos! My husband and I just came back from riding in Colorado. We both used many of your tips and adjusted our brake levers so that our arms were "stacked". I took up riding a couple years ago and of the lessons, I have seen or taken, yours are by far the most thorough. Congratulations on the growth of your channel! I look forward to watching all of your future videos!

Mountain Landscape

My 8 year old daughter  LOVES you guys! She is just starting mountain biking and said, quote, "I want to be as good as April one day and then become the best mountain biker in the world". Thanks for your vids, you're an inspiration for her :)

Mountain Biking in the Fog

Just wanted to let you know that I've been practicing these drills (up and down our street, our neighbors must think I'm crazy lol) and they've already helped me figure out how to get more bike-body separation! I've tried it before but it's always felt super awkward. I know it'll take a lot of time before it becomes automatic, but I'm encouraged by how much better it feels already, and how much tighter I can turn! Thanks again!! I know it's a lot of work for you, but I also know this will all pay off for you in the end. Generosity and quality always does. 😉💛

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